The Best Of 2014

Just like last year, GQ has just released the list for the top four Best New Menswear Designers In America (BNMDA). Even though I am not personally familiar with each of these brands, it’s best to get to know them as soon as possible. Even though some may come and go, Mark McNairy & Ovadia & Sons did pretty well, so it’s best to get to know these guys. With everything from a tailored approach to options for surf and sea, this year looks to kill it. Plus, now that the nomination has been placed, the onus is now on the designers to put forward a collaboration with GAP that will be dropped this fall. Here are the four winners.

M.Nii Designer: John Moore (LA) (below far left) – With everything from vintage-cut trunks and trousers to tees, bombers, and crewnecks, M.Nii looks to prep you for all your outdoor excursions whether they be in the sand and surf or conquering the face of the nearest mountain.


Brooklyn Tailors Designer: Daniel Lewis (Brooklyn, NY) (below left)- When you decide to stop living in your garage-band-pro-skater-fantasy, Mr. Lewis is ready and waiting to help equip you with the sartorial tools you need to conquer the real world. Drawing inspiration from the British invasion, and wondering how to keep up with the air ties and played-down suiting of the rockers, Lewis set out to create a line that eschewed the stuffy Wall Street prototypes and instead set the consumer on the tailoring trend.


En Noir Designer: Rob Garcia (NYC) (below right) – When you think of luxe casual, think of En Noir. When tees, jackets, and sweatpants become something more than casual and step into the world of leather trim and high-grade fabrics, En Noir was the Maserati that carried you there and ushered you in. Plus, it never hurts to have A$AP Rocky as one of your biggest fans…


John Elliot + Co. Designer: John Elliott (LA) (below left) In looking to produce something that symbolizes the LA-cool-skater-vibe fused with a side of NBA, Elliott produces a homegrown LA line of tailored sweatpants, loose tees and Japanese denim. Whether you’re heading to a pick-up game or just rollin’ around town for the day, John Elliott + Co has you covered.


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