On The Radar: Dealing With The Cold

A few things have perked my seasonal interest and so I decided to share my cold-weather picks with you. Even if you don’t favor the particular brands, knowing me, I’m not going to make any outrageous picks, so you should be able to find these pieces almost anywhere.

1. Fair Isle Sweater. As much as the cold calls for layers, why not have some fun with it? (get here)

jcrew-sweaters-alpine-fair-isle-sweater-in-deep-navy2. Tweed Suit. Even though the office may not call for a suit, suits are fun. While you’re investing in heavier coats and sweaters, it makes sense to upgrade your suit as well. Whether worn as separates or as one unit, a tweed suit is a must for the colder weather. (get here)

jcrew-shirt-gq-selects-july3. Wool Blazer. As I wrote here, a wool blazer is a necessity for those holiday parties and colder winter nights. With its Shetland wool construction, this blazer is sure to keep you warm and the simple herringbone pattern couldn’t be easier to match with. (get here)

blz_moon_largeherringbone_grey_full054. Toggle Coat. Although it may be a little too Dead Poet’s Society for some, the toggle coat boasts warmth and style in a winter coat necessity. (get here)

ML00262_GREEN5. Leather Gloves. Now that you’re warm and ready to take on the cold, it makes no sense to leave your fingers out to freeze. In addition to warmth, leather gloves are great at deflecting the wind and keeping your hands safe. (get here)

hmprod6. Footwear. As much as you might know, I’ve probably over-worn my desert boots ever since I picked up them on eBay. As great as the sand color is, chocolate is another viable option that works well in winter. However, from Bean Boots to Red Wings, there are plenty of options for footwear. (get here)




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